The Beauty Spectacular

National Gallery of Victoria

I don’t approach painting with deep complex thoughts or over-think a topic. I don’t try to be magically clever or anything. I will paint when something clear pops up in my mind: I just have to get it down, I have to recreate it. I won’t stop until I’m finished, which means I can’t plan my painting like a nine-to-five job or like a diary. But I can be woken in the middle of the night with a colour or when I’m on a long road trip, or I can be sitting at a place in my Country and that place will come to me as a colour.”


NGV x MECCA Holiday collaboration

“Encountering Hobson’s work is to experience beautifully rendered imagery with signature lush colours. Whether through ceramics, photography or painting, Hobson takes us on a journey of her Country and family, filled with stories about culture and her life. She constantly redefines her work and is motivated by creation, always ready and waiting to imagine the next interpretation of these stories. Through art, Hobson expresses powerful creative freedoms in her entirely unique way.”

Myles Russell-Cook