PHOTO 2022


In our space we get to fully show up as our natural selves. We get to be bold; we get to be colourful. We get to fully embrace our uniqueness. We get to celebrate our culture and all that it has to offer where the lights of society rarely chooses to shine.”


I am a positive person and this positivity often reflects on my work delivering images with a strong messaging; overcoming obstacles, being true to yourself, expressing pride. My images are characterizing from simple home settings with highly aesthetic charm. I want my work to be viewed as a whole story and condensed in one frame.”


Hobson uses the observation of her home surroundings, human interactions and her own feelings to create images that invites people in. Hobson’s work can be viewed as symbolic of the lives of young people in her community. Her composition has a purpose, from colour, style, to the body language, and the combination of all elements creates the final conceptual image of black JOY. She believes black home is a great space to learn and educate people about black LOVE.”

Photo Australia